Mount Shasta Spiritual Retreat

May 24, 2016


Mt. Shasta, the second highest peak in the Cascade Range, at 14, 162 ft. is a living volcano, often compared to Mt. Fuji and Kilimanjaro for its great beauty. The glacial mountain has long been revered by Native Americans who regard it as the center of creation. It is now believed by many visitors, residents and spiritual groups to be a source of sacred power, which may accelerate spiritual transformation.

Native Americans: Mt. Shasta is a boundary for four Native peoples –, the Shasta, Modoc, Ajumawi/Atsuwegi, and Wintu. The Shasta believe that the Great Spirit first created the mountain, by pushing down ice and snow through a hole from heaven, then using the mountain to step onto the earth. The Modoc teach that the Great Spirit lived on Mt. Shasta after creation. His daughter fell from the mountain and was raised by grizzly bears and married one of their clan. Today, the tribes honor the mountain with rituals and sweat lodges and are actively involved with protecting the sacred springs on the Mountain.

In conversation with Shasta residents, you will find that Mt. Shasta is often believed to be a cosmic vortex and one of the Seven Sacred Mountains of the World, a UFO landing spot, the entry point into a fifth dimension, a source of magic crystals, etc. It is fascinating to hear the many! stories of close encounters with metaphysical beings, angels and extra terrestrials as well as personal transformation stories and miracles attributed to the sacred power of the mountain.

Shasta is believed by some to be the dwelling place of the Lemurians, super-humans who are so spiritually advanced that they can change themselves from material to spiritual at will. They are still seen in the area and are tall, graceful and agile, with larger heads than average humans. The Lemurians’ power is enhanced by crystals they brought to Mt. Shasta when they fled their original home of Lemuria, like Atlantis, a lost continent off the Pacific coast destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

The Ascended Master St. Germain, Archangel Michael, and others are reportedly seen on the slopes of Mt. Shasta. Ascended Masters and Angels are spiritually advanced beings who radiate the “luminous essence of divine love” and assist human evolution.

Digital cameras now show, invisible to most human eyes, mysterious pictures of “orbs”, incandescent globes moving in the air and converging at sacred ceremonies as well as mysterious luminous angels or ghost figures.

What ever you believe and experience, Mt. Shasta has a spectacular wilderness. Geologically speaking, it is A strato volcano, with four cones buried atop one another. Shastina is the most evident of these cones and forms a second peak. Fascinating for naturalists and botanists, Three ecological systems overlap in the area: The Coastal Range, the Cascades, and the Sierras with an extraordinary variety of plants, from the carnivorous Pitcher Plants to the alpine Shasta Lily. Nearby, the wild Klamath basin, wetlands and scenic river are a stop on the west coast bird migrations.

Many mountain climbers, including John Muir, have braved its glacial slopes, and about 50% reach the summit. You can drive up Mt. Shasta to alpine Panther Meadows and the sacred Water Source at 8, 000 feet elevation. The shops of Mount Shasta City, at 3, 500 feet elevation, have outdoor gear, crystals, spiritual books, and other inspirational offerings, as well as information on joining in the many study groups and gatherings where seekers explore varied mystical teachings inspired by the sacred mountain.

Mount Shasta mantra - IPIRUENA UMUN (We are in peace)
Mount Shasta mantra - IPIRUENA UMUN (We are in peace)
Mount Shasta Ceremony and Workshops
Mount Shasta Ceremony and Workshops
Mt Shasta Retreat: Nowization of Mind, Body, Relationships
Mt Shasta Retreat: Nowization of Mind, Body, Relationships ...
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