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January 4, 2015

Wedgewood Hotel & Spa

I have only had tub for 2 weeks but so far very pleased. QCA has been making tubs since the 60s and it shows. Everything seems to fit and have a place. Well put together and thought out. Had to have it craned over my house to get to deck. Crane operator said he installs up to 5 a week and was impressed on how spa came packaged and ready to go. I like the 2 separate pumps so my husbands side can have jets running while mine don't. I had a question about product before I purchased and QCA was easy ... read more to get a hold of and answered my questions adequately. My husband suggests you have Ozone Generator installed at factory as it is somewhat confusing where to plug into unit. Reason I rated only 4 stars is due to control panel. For such a great tub and high tech electronics used inside the tub, the control panel is VERY basic and doesn't provide any information on lcd except temperature of tub.


2 years ago

This is a great hot tub!

This was a great buy, I love this hot tub. I have had it for about a year and a half and have Enjoyed everything about it. QCA was awesome...when I first got the spa I had a few questions so I called them direct. They answered all my question right away...and seamed happy to help. The care and cleaning instructions are simple to follow, I mean really simple and easy. I use this hot tub every day all year long, sometimes times twice a day! The jets work great and ... oh yea my kids love the LED ... read more under water lights.


Spectacular Spa

We had no problem installing the spa. Upkeep is easy. We love our spa and enjoy it in the summer and winter. The reason for a good rating was the knob for the air jets had to be replaced at our expense, but the company was prompt and courteous. We are glad we got our spa and would definitely recommend this one. We were also glad we went with the larger one and the lounger is my husband's favorite seat.


Our favorite way to relax!

We've had our spa for about a year or so and we absolutely love it! It fits perfectly in a corner of our sun room and looks great. We love the fact that we could just plug it in to a regular wall outlet, turn it on, and start relaxing. No electrical work had to be done at all, so very simple. We love the way it looks and it's very easy to change settings, etc. Cleaning is a breeze as is changing the water out every few months. Nothing about the maintenance is difficult. Just grab a glass of ... read more wine, hop in and you'll start feeling that vacation vibe in no time!


5 years ago

Great bang for the buck!

Unit arrived quickly as promised. The manufacturer even called before shipment to review the order before they shipped and to answer any questions that we might have. The delivery was without issue, no damages at all. We had the spa up and running shortly after delivery. We have it on 115vac currently, and will wire it for 220vac later. It is plenty hot on the 115vac, it was 100 degrees within 12 hours. The cover fits well, even though others have noted it as an issue, and being we have the spa ... read more on our back porch (screened in with a roof) we think it is adequate. Perhaps in the winter we may not think so, but will have to wait and see.


3 Person Spa

Wow! All I can say is I LOVE this spa!! Best purchase I have made in a long, long time! I have 3 children and they love using the hot tub as well. My mother runs a daycare and it has been awesome for her to get in it and relax after a long day. The best part is that it is in our garage!! Love the indoor/outdoor ability of this! My only regret is not buying this sooner!!


1 month ago


I got this on sale for $1, 999 at Home Depot on a Black Friday special as a Christmas gift for my wife. I was very skeptical and read every review in here before I decided the price was to good to pass up. We have had this thing for about a month now and everything about it is unbelievable!!! I don't understand what people are talking about in some of the reviews with it not heating, if anything we have to turn the heat down. Also the jets are amazing and hard to believe this thing is running on ... read more 110! It's also very easy to keep the chemicals right and doesn't take much. Overall one of the best purchases I have ever made, and as they say "Happy wife happy life" and she is very happy with it :)



What a great product. Cant say enough good things about it so far. So glad i made this purchase. I've had it for about a month and love it. Works great even in cold temperatures.Use the hot tub last night when it was 30 degrees outside. The hot tub was heated to 104 degrees, after an hour the water temperature had dropped to 102 degrees. I JUST LOVE IT!


3 years ago

Nice hot tub!

I was a bit skeptical about how well the friction heating system would work but so far the tub has functioned flawlessly during a cold, snowy Montana January. It initially took about 24 hours to heat up to 104 degrees (The outdoor temperature was about 10 degrees and windy). We use the tub for an hour and a half most evenings and the tub has only lost about 2 degrees an hour with jets on and the cover off even when the outside temp was close to 0.


1 year ago

Love It!!

Love the plug and play of this tub. Filled with water and 24 hours later it was up to temp and working GREAT!! Great price and Great tub.


Great service, great item... poor delivery

We love our new hot tub. It is just what we expected. The service was super - we got a call from the company when we ordered it giving us a rough time frame for delivery and again when it shipped from California. Our only complaint was that the hot tub was dropped in front of the house at delivery and not where we had wanted it. We asked that we were contacted 30 minutes prior to delivery so we would be home. They called 15 minutes and then unloaded before we arrived.


Awesome relaxation

Great product at a great price. Easy delivery, the truck brought it to the driveway and my husband and a friend easily moved it to our backyard. We have been using it almost daily and love it!



All is well with the hot tube. The reviews that were on line helped. We ordered a new cover because we live iin CO and the cover that came with the tub was only good for indoor use.

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