Hot Springs (Ukiah, CA)

July 13, 2013


Vichy Springs is the best of two worlds a hot springs resort and a country inn. Vichy has rooms and cottages for overnight stays which include breakfast, full use of the naturally warm and carbonated Vichy baths (unique in North America) and hot soaking pool at any time and the Olympic size swimming pool in season. a 700 acre private reserve, for guests only, invites long walks or hikes especially to Chemisal Falls in the center of the property. Wildflowers abound in spring and wildlife is abundant.

Massage, Facials and hot stone massage are offered 6am to 8 pm daily.

A stay at Vichy Springs will reward guests with renewed vigor, vastly improved skin from the baths and a desire to return for the bubbly baths.


Established in 1854.

Vichy Springs Resort is celebrating its 155th year of continuous operation as North America's only Vichy Springs and California's only warm carbonated springs.

Opened to the public as a resort in 1854 there are remaining three of the original 1854 cottages and several 1860's buildings.

Ferries and stagecoaches brought the rich and famous to Vichy Springs. Eventually a train made its way which shortened the trip from three days to one. Mark Twain, Jack London, boxer Jim Corbett (had a training camp at Vichy Springs), Ulysses Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Robert Louis Stevenson, and lately Bo Derek, John Corbett, James Coburn, Franz Weber, Dustin Hoffman, Sandi Koufax, Larry Hagman and thousands others have enjoyed the bubbly baths, massage therapy & facials, 700 acres of private walking trails.

In the words of Bob Jones in 1914 "Vichy, in the Mendocino Foothills...will drive the worry lines from your face. You will forget nagging business cares and your heart will sing a new song".

Meet the Business Owner

World traveler, mineral springs afficianado and avowed bottled water consumer. Gilbert belongs to one club. The Century Travelers Club (must have visited 100 countries to join) and was eligible to join at age 28.

Gilbert and his wife traveled for 4 years outside the US through Europe, Africa, South and Central Americas, then another year traveling through the South Pacific islands, New Zealand, Australia and SE Asia. They valued water highly after crossing the Sahara and Africa singlehandedly in a British Land Rover.

Returning to CA Gilbert began a search for a high mineral content carbonated European style mineral water. After crisscrossing CA for almost a year and with only 3 counties left to visit Vichy Springs was discovered, derelict and bubbling away.

By 1978 a plant was built and bottling began only to fall victim to local politics. The resort in the meantime had been renovated and was fully opened in 1988. The bottled water will be ressurected at some future time.

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