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December 12, 2015

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Now is as great a time as any to immerse yourself in a natural pool of hot water. Here is a short list of 13 hot springs located in Oregon. Some are clothing optional, while others offer a more private soaking experience in reservable enclosed rooms. Stop by on the way to other adventures, or make it a trip in and of itself.

Reaching Bagby Hot Springs is a worthwhile hike by itself that meanders through towering old-growth fir and cedar trees. The hot springs can be busy, but the crowds diminish as the weather cools. Nudity here is common, but technically it is only allowed in the private bathhouses. There is a $5 fee.

Breitenbush is a long-time Oregon establishment north of Mount Jefferson. There are three main soaking pools at varying temperatures in addition to smaller tubs at the well-maintained facility. The hot springs at Breitenbush are part of the larger community retreat and conference center, and they cost $15-28 per day to use.

Bigalow Hot Spring, also called Deer Creek Hot Spring, is a pool partially set inside a small cave adjacent to the McKenzie River. The spring is more warm than hot, but the rock pool is a nice place to relax while watching the river flow past. And it's free.

The hot springs at Belknap are part of a resort that was first built in the 1870s. The spring releases scalding hot water that is piped across the river to pools that are accessible from the lodge. The pools are available to overnight guests and visitors who can pay by the day or by the hour.

The well-used Terwilliger Hot Springs is near Cougar Reservoir on the McKenzie River. Popular with college students, nudity abounds at the pools. Volunteers drain and clean the pools weekly, usually on Thursday mornings. There is a $6 per person fee.

Along the banks of the North Umpqua River, the Umpqua Hot Springs complex has multiple terraced pools. There is a day use parking fee for those not accessing the hot springs as part of a longer hike on the North Umpqua Trail.

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