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August 4, 2018

Aqua Soleil Hotel and Mineral

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Established in 1882.

Carlsbad Alkaline Water - Carlsbad Mineral Water was discovered in 1882 and was famous for its therapeutic "Most Healthful Water" that people used for all different illnesses by drinking and bathing in it.

Hotel and spa was built and many famous movie stars would visit it. The town was renamed from Frazier Station to Carlsbad after the famous water.

The water was lost in late 1930 during the Great Depression, due to the lack of funds to maintain the artesian wells.

In 1993 Ludvik and Veronica Grigoras started to restore the wells and in 1996 the water was available again.

Today people come from all over again as far as Las Vegas, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Diego and other places to pick up Carlsbad Alkaline Water from vending machines in Carlsbad.

Our unique water was declared in 1954 by California Senate as "The Most Healthful Water" and was on Ellen DeGeneres show. Many professional athletes drink our water.

Nothing is added to our unique pure alkaline water! ENJOY IT

Meet the Business Owner

Ludvik Grigoras the owner of Carlsbad Alkaline Water was born in 1949 Carlsbad Czech Republic, the original Carlsbad during the Communist Era . In 1968 when he was 19 years old he escaped to West Germany during the Dubcek Revolution, where he lived for 2 years.

He study instrumentation engineer and work for Honeywell Inc. all over the world. In 1987 he married Veronica and have son Kevin who proudly served 5 years in the US Army and in Iraq. Kevin is working today for the business and Jake & Tom his step brother work with him.

In 1990 he started the sister city program between Carlsbad California and Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary) Czech Republic his home town.

In 1993 Ludvik started to restore the Carlsbad Historical artesian wells that were lost for 60 years and moved to Carlsbad that was named after his home town. He worked about one year 55 feet underground inside of the old well. The restoration took over 3 years and in 1997 he build the famous historical Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa.

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