Sycamore Springs California

March 30, 2013

For a wedding at Sycamore

The California town of Calistoga is famous for its mineral springs.The California town of Calistoga is famous for its mineral springs. (Photo: calistoga's old faithful geyser, california image by Chee-Onn Leong from )

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As part of the volcanic geothermal area that circles the Pacific, known as the "Ring of Fire, " California is not only subject to intermittent earthquakes but is host to numerous hot springs that bring deep, mineral-rich waters bubbling up to its surface. For those lucky enough to live or vacation in the state, the many mineral springs are a favorite destination for recreation, health and relaxation.

Vichy Springs

A California Historical Landmark that was visited by luminaries such as Jack London and Mark Twain, Vichy Springs is two hours north of San Francisco in the county of Mendocino. The naturally carbonated water is pumped into a series of private tubs and outdoor pools, where guests can soak in the beneficial properties of the minerals. Guests can stay overnight in the historic resort, which offers historic cottages as well as rooms in the main lodge. Vichy Springs is on 700 private acres that are full of lush scenery and hiking trails waiting to be explored.

Vichy Springs Resort
2605 Vichy Springs Road
Ukiah, CA 95482

Sycamore Springs

Discovered in 1886 when two oil prospectors were drilling in the rolling hills of the central California coast, Sycamore Springs is a sulfur-rich mineral water spring in San Luis Obispo. The waters are now pumped into a series of private outdoor hot tubs that are enjoyed by day visitors and overnight guests of the resort and spa complex that owns them. The spa offers full-service body and facial packages as well as massage therapy, and the resort has a variety of rooms and suites, many with private hot tubs filled with the mineral rich water.

Sycamore Springs
1215 Avila Beach Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs is a town in inland southern California that is built on top of and entirely fed by a vast network of mineral-rich hot springs. Located just east of Palm Springs, the city is home to at least 20 spa resorts, including the luxurious Bella Monte Resort. Bella Monte, like most spas and resorts in the area, allows guests to use the hotel's mineral water pools just for the day and also offers a variety of rooms that afford 24-hour access to the water for overnight guests. A full-service spa that offers a wide selection of massage and holistic health services, like aromatherapy, is within the Bella Monte Resort.

Bella Monte Hot Springs Resort and Spa
68111 Calle Las Tiendas

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