Sycamore Mineral Springs Coupon

September 28, 2016

There s also a hot springs

I was a little reticent to come here, but the bad reviews seemed to be due to bad luck. We had a great time.

It barely smelled like rotten eggs due to the mineral springs sulfer, even during a soak in the mineral tub. Everyone was exceedingly helpful, though the servers in the restaurant were a little inexperienced, they still gave excellent service. It is by a road, but once in your room (at least the one were were in-our tub was in the back, against a wooded slope, for quiet and privacy), even at night it's quiet as a mouse.

The restaurant was shockingly good, and the service was totally attentive.

Things did get a little buggy, because our suite backed up to that wooded slope, and if you have the back door open some critters'll get in. But it was a minor issue and the room was totally SPOTLESS when we checked in.

My massage was amazing. The masseuse was giving me a swedish massage but upon feeling my uber-tense shoulders and neck, switched to shiatsu and did a little muscle testing with my permission. She even went over an hour.

Plus, the grounds were beautiful. The hiking trail is wooded and peaceful.

The big issue? The decor. For the price, you'd expect beautiful, tasteful decorations, in colors and materials that reflect a beachy, wooded resort. Instead, the decor-clearly newish - was regrettably in a style befitting a "nice" Holiday Inn circa 1980. Dark green carpet, "library" furnishings, pink walls, and dark wood furniture. What were they thinking??? It really cut into the atmosphere. But, there was clearly thought put into it, and again, everything was spotless.

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