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September 16, 2015

Sycamore Mineral Springs

Spent a long time researching where I wanted to take the very picky bf for a special birthday getaway as he doesn't like a lot of hotel/spa experiences. Sycamore Springs matched my trip preferences because it (a) has the natural spring water in addition to sulphur springs, (b) hiking trails, and is (c) 5 minutes from the beach, all guy friendly stuff.

After looking online for the "right" room for us, I finally made my choice to see that they were sold out online. I decided to call just in case. Thankfully I did because the reservationist said something to me that doesn't make sense, like "Oh, we already pulled all the rooms and suites for this weekend, so so glad you called." So, I"m like ok, are you supposed to just "know this?" Nowhere on the reservation site does it say that they pull reservations ahead of time, so whatever.

I've stayed at Sycamore a few times before this weekend, and used the tubs on the hill for rent by the hour tens of times. Either way, the natural mineral springs are really great and I was very happy to learn that there are rooms/suites available with the private tubs on a spring water line that don't have so much sulphur. Thats the suite I rented for us for the birthday.

Not only did we enjoy our "Aspire Suite" (don't get me started on these lame names), but we lucked out in getting a corner suite. The only problem with the suites in this Noble Block of Buildings is that the facilities crew has their electric vehicles in the garages underneath. We didn't think much of it when were trying to take a nap that they were banging around in and out of there and we heard the loud beeping of a golf cart backing into the garage space, but I was hella'nnoyed when we got home from dinner at 9:30pm and the crew still had the garage open, a cart out and were still farting around for the night. We wanted some peace.

In our Aspire Suite we had a good gas fireplace that really warmed the room, a huge seating area, with a beautiful velvet couch I wish I could have in my house, a large flat screen "Guy TV", and bar like area for coffee with a small bar sink. When I went to make coffee in the morning, the faucet fell off in my hand.

The smaller bedroom had a ridiculously high Queen Anne style bed that I was afraid of falling out of all night, but it was comfortable with the featherbed topper and so were the pillows. If you are 6'5" this suite is for you, but there wasn't even a step stool provided to get into the bed, so it wasn't fun getting in and out of the bed in the middle of the night, I assure you. I will be sure not to get a suite again with that type of bedding. All the other furniture was nice, clean, well maintained and there as a smaller tv in the bedroom with ample doors to close off so the bf could watch tv in the sitting area and I could watch my tv in the bedroom - all plusses!!

The bathroom was all marble and with a double-headed large shower system and good pressure. The toilet literally WOULD NOT FLUSH without 10s of tries. There was a huge rainstorm in the middle of the night and the next morning, ants everywhere which I told the hotel staff about. The outside, private patio tub is and was awesome! We had friends over until the last minute call of 11pm when you can add water into your tub and use your jets, so we had a great time.

I would have liked not to have to call for a wine opener, glasses and ice - all things that should be easily available in a suite in The Wine Country (people!), but instead we had to call and it was there within minutes.

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