Crystal Hotel Vernon

July 12, 2016

Crystal Tavern

Firstly, congratulations to you if you can find the hotel!!
It is hidden away in British Columbia, Canada in the wine growing region of the Okanagan.
The city of address is officially "Vernon, B.C." but it is NOT in the city, it is out in a rural area and you have to drive past cow pastures (hey, we even saw a Buffalo!!) and farmlands and pass through the famous golf destination of Predator Ridge to find it!!
It is absolutely worth the journey!!
Wow, if you are looking for a Wellness Hotel with World Class Spa Therapies, this is THE place to go!!! It has the only Minus 110 Degree Cryogenic Chamber in North America. Invented by the Japanese and built by a company in Germany this cryogenic chamber is said to give long lasting health benefits that can last up to 7-9 months for those with joint complaints. You go through a progression of temperatures until you are at minus110 degrees and can only stay in for 3 attendant is with you the entire time to monitor you.I did not have time to try this one out (nothing to do with being a bit scared of trying it!!) but there were SO many therapies I wanted to try out!! It took an hour just to learn about all the things that I could choose from in the 42, 000 sq foot soothing Spa area.due to time constraints I opted for the Sauna's which are set at perfect temperatures and humidities to give maximum benefits.the Rose Sauna was my favorite but really one should take the WEEK long program to fully check out the options.
The location of the hotel perched atop a hill overlooking the pristine lake and some rooms with views of mountains or lake. Natural beauty in the location, hiking, fresh air and the BEST BED I have ever slept in...memory foam and custom made for the European styled hotel...Swarovski Crystals incorporated throughout the building, huge crystal chandeliers in the lobby, hence the name Sparkling Hill. The food was OK, but to be fair I had only room service for dinner with a limited choice on the in-room dining menu and the next morning had the breakfast buffet which was adequate.there was no bacon on the buffet. The coffee was very good.
Oddly for a Wellness hotel there was a glaring lack of "wellness" food options on the in-room dining menu.I thought there could have been a protien drink, or organic fresh pressed carrot juice or some such options.
For a hotel out in the countryside with no other restaurant options I think the room service menu could be a bit more extensive and the breakfast also with more options...I did stroll through the dining room and spied on peoples plates and the food looked nice but I was so tired I just wanted to relax in my beautiful bathtub in my "Suite" ( they are all Suites in this hotel) overlooking the mountains and lake.I enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine, and had a lovely relaxing evening and the BEST SLEEP ever (due to the wonderful mattress, not JUST the wine!)!! I give this hotel 5 stars for the SPA, 5 stars for the beds and bedding, 3.5 stars for the food because of the lack of options.
Overall a winner!!

Room Tip: take the lake view with huge deep bathtub at the picture window overlooking the lake and mountains...
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