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February 19, 2016

Welcome to A Honey Cove in the

Okay so maybe I'm just a hot tub snob. I've been to a few hot tub, water therapy, massage combo locations in the Boston area, in Western Mass, and in California. These places are stunning, professional, relaxing and absolutely refreshing. They are they types of places you walk out the front doors into the fresh air of the world and feel like a new person.

My experience with Oasis included none of the above aspects... In the evening of a wintery night, the location felt bit sketchy (down an alley/side street parkinglot, in a building that looked like a buisness/motel) with the front main window having what looks to be maybe a BB gun bullet hole through it? But you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, right Ma? Well, my hubby and I go in and are seated in the waiting room. All I can smell is chlorine/bleach, all I can see is wood-paneling, and all I can hear is the arguments/laughter/muffled voices of the room that is right off the waiting room. Oh and we are sitting on old white wicker/plastic chairs that mimic the ones on my Grandma's porch. I think the only thing resembling anything serene in nature was a tiny electric water fountain on the floor by a closet door. My husband and I wait 15 minutes (8 minutes past our appointment time) texting each other back and forth, talking each other out of leaving, since we already paid and had a babysitter. Finally we see "our" room become vacated and the one staff member runs in to clean it. Once it was clean, she brought us in... and I was a bit scared. Our room, the Jungle room, just skeeved us out. There's no other way to say it. It was dark, with low ceilings, questionable surface areas, very dimly lit, with the type of floors that remind you of college bathrooms where you NEVER want to walk barefoot on.. She left and we decided to make the most out of it, give it a chance. But then the floor of the tub squished under our feet once we were inside, and you could see around the edges of the tub where the paint/stain was left unfinished with mildew all around it. There was nothing romantic, intimate or relaxing about it. And so, we dressed and walked out.

We could have just been there on a bad night. Maybe in the light of day it doesn't feel like an undercover set-up from Dateline? But I would much rather drive the hour to Amherest, or to Inman and really enjoy myself than to leave somewhere feeling like I need to scrub my skin off.

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