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May 28, 2016

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For a spectacular California vacation, pamper yourself with one of the many therapeutic spa treatments available at the Cliffs Resort, where you won't feel guilty being indulgent. Our central California resort offers a full array of relaxing spa services, all which are inspired by the spirit of the sea. So ... step inside this escape for your senses. We create tranquil California spa vacations. Whether you spend the day - or just one hour - you'll find yourself relaxed and recharged. Our spa services include spacious treatment rooms, designed for your comfort.

revitalizing services and california spa vacation packages

The facials, body treatments, and massage therapies available at our coastal hotel resort in California renew your mind, body, and spirit like never before. Ease away tension with a deep- tissue massage. Cleanse your skin with a soothing facial. Or complement a massage with one of our aromatic scalp treatments. Indulge in the healing and rejuvenating treatments delivered by our specialists. Our California spa vacation packages include:

Our therapeutic massage treatments incorporate a variety of techniques to help promote relaxation, increase circulation, and reduce stress. Whether your preference is a relaxing, full- body massage or extra attention paid to areas that require particular focus, our gifted therapists will tailor your treatment to best accommodate your requests.

Skin Soothers
We draw inspiration for our skin soothers from the Central Coast wine regions and the glorious Pacific Ocean - right in our backyard. These wonderful treatments will leave your skin feeling cleaned, and your spirits revived.

The Spa at The Cliffs is pleased to feature facials by Epicuren. Epicuren products incorporate active enzymes and gentle ingredients, to provide advanced therapeutic facial care to cope with all skin imbalances and conditions.

Escape to a breathtaking ocean setting at The Cliffs Resort, inspired by the world's most pristine beaches. With its stunning views, impeccable service, and a pampering spa services, our newly renovated oceanfront resort is your own private oasis away from the world.

Shasta Nation Springs
Shasta Nation Springs
Walking in Mt Shasta Springs ~
Walking in Mt Shasta Springs ~
High Vibration Gurgling Springs at Mt. Shasta
High Vibration Gurgling Springs at Mt. Shasta
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