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December 27, 2015

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An afternoon at the Sycamore Mineral Springs

by Kylee Jepsen

During Sunset SAVOR the Central Coast, our office staff had the wonderful opportunity to work at and experience various events throughout the weekend. I was given the task to host one of the SAVOR Adventure Tours: Create Botanical Spa Products with the Sycamore Mineral Springs.

This tour captivated me the second I stepped onto the property. Held in their beautifully manicured garden, the Sycamore Mineral Springs Adventure Tour began as guests were greeted with a mimosa and invited to stroll through the picturesque setting. Manager Charles Crellin welcomed guests and introduced Annette Pollock to speak about their garden. Annette took guests on a leisurely tour, explaining the herbs and vegetables. It was like having your own professional gardener giving you tips on how to grow your fruits and vegetables right here in San Luis Obispo County. She knew every plant inside and out, and exactly under what conditions they would thrive in. It was absolutely priceless!

We were then introduced to Boutique Hotel Collection’s Chef de Cuisine, Gregg Wangard who gave the audience an informative overview of the types of vegetables he uses in his restaurants. He spoke about his background as a Chef and what kind of qualities we want to look for in the foods we buy. Next, guests were whisked away to meet the Sycamore Spa team, where we were explained the differences between various spa products and essential oils. Then came one of our highlights: the opportunity to create our own salt scrubs. The most popular choice of scents? Lemon Verbana and Lavender! Who knew the mixture was so perfect!

After creating our own botanical products, complete with fresh lavender from the garden, we sat down to enjoy what would be one of the highlights of my week. A four course, perfectly paired meal cooked by Chef Gregg Wangard with wines by Niven Family.

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