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July 1, 2016

Estes River Retreat was

soaking in the tubRestore your Mind, Body and Spirit with one of our custom-designed, personal retreats designed to help you find inner peace with practices that will transform your life and support you. In your personal retreat at Blissful Spirit, we will together co-create a retreat to help you achieve your desired goals and higher needs.
IN HOME Personal Retreats Available! Are you unable to travel to the Blissful Spirit this winter? Enjoy a Personal Retreat in the comfort of your home! Please let us know what your individual needs are and we will do our best to accommodate. Call today and schedule!

Our retreats allow you to enjoy the lovely accommodations of the Historic Homestead and Guest Quarters as you delve into some powerful inner realizations and wisdom.cave soaking In addition, we offer retreats individualized for cancer patients, degenerative diseases and those who want to detox their bodies from harmful contaminants and free radicals. You may also choose a combination of a yoga-meditation-spa retreat that will allow you to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul simultaneously in the Blissful Spirit Spa. As you gain clarity and feel the vibration of spaciousness in life, deep peace will be abundant for you.

Compliment your retreat with a visit to the famed Hot Springs of Colorado! Let your troubles wash away in the warmth of these naturally heated pools! The Hot Springs of Colorado are one of the choice retreats in Colorado!

Unique Healing Soaks, Hot Springs and Cave Baths located minutes from the Retreat.
Healing the Body - Therapeutic Soaks Ahhhh. the soak!
Elements Of Touch Wellness Spa, Estes Park Colorado
Elements Of Touch Wellness Spa, Estes Park Colorado
Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain Apartments in Colorado
Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain Apartments in Colorado ...
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