Spas in Paso Robles

January 29, 2016

Healthy Feet Spa - CLOSED

The healing powers from natural mineral hot springs in Paso Robles have been known for over a century, known first to Native Americans and Missionaries. Having been so impressed, they made annual pilgrimages to take to the thermal waters. But your journey to indulge just got shorter when you visit our Paso Robles hotel and enjoy a stay in our deluxe mineral spa rooms which feature outdoor Jacuzzi tubs that are fed by the famous Paso Robles hot springs.

Rich in sulfur compounds and trace minerals, these Jacuzzi tubs help to stimulate the body’s mucus membranes, soothe the respiratory system and calm the skin. Soaking in sulfur water helps to ease symptoms caused by arthritis, back, shoulder and neck pain as well as detoxify the body, making it a chosen therapeutic agent for famed individuals seeking to regain their health like John Wayne, Judy Garland and Herbert Hoover. Discover the Paso Robles mineral springs for yourself at Paso Robles Inn and start your pilgrimage to a whole new you.

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